The Tamil Nadu ITI Ecosystem summit was a first-of-its-kind state-level event organised with the objective of highlighting the impact of our work in ITIs in Tamil Nadu.

Our five-year partnership with the Department of Employment and Training (DET), Tamil Nadu, has brought a systems-led change in the way Employability Skills (ES) curriculum is taught in ITIs in Tamil Nadu and helped learners prepare for the world of work.

The summit also recognized the efforts of Principals, Placement Officers, and Learners towards building new skills to address the challenges of youth employability.

Six Principals who were part of the Principal Leadership Program shared their change projects which were initiated to bring institutional reforms and develop a growth mindset amongst both learners and trainers. The eight-month long program was designed with the aim of supporting principals to identify key areas of concern in administering ITIs and implementing strategies to mitigate these concerns. 90% of the Principals, who took part in the PLP initiated change projects in their institutions highlighting the importance of capacity building of institute leaders to drive systems-led-change. 

Nine Placement Officers (POs) who have played a crucial role in identifying job opportunities for learners by liaising with reputed firms and industrial establishments were also recognized for their efforts. 

And finally, learners across ITIs in Tamil Nadu, who are at the epicenter of the skilling ecosystem, were celebrated for their commitment to self-learning and for their efforts towards carving meaningful career pathways. 

Additionally, the summit was an opportunity for stakeholders to reflect on the needs of industry 4.0 and come up with strategies to support learners to foray into emerging sectors like technology, care, gig, and green. 

The Tamil Nadu ITI ecosystem summit was a testament to the successful collaboration between state skilling departments and FRSN to equip young people with 21st century skills. 

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We work with 13 other state governments across India in six reform areas – Career Development, Effective Pedagogy, Student Hubs, Industry Engagement, Community Engagement, and Leadership for Change to bring systems-led-change ITIs across the country.